18-24 month ready to ship bottoms

18-24 month ready to ship bottoms

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Each pair of bottoms in this listing is size 18-24 months and ships within 2 business days from wisconsin. These are discontinued styles, exclusive prints and/or one of a kind items. 

A. Navy fox leggings

B. Purple and white striped leggings

C. Fair Isle print leggings

D. Gold shimmer leggings

E. Black and white hounds tooth leggings

F. 'Does it look like I care' cat leggings

G. Black and gray striped leggings

H. Evil knievel drawstring shorts

I. Galaxy print harem pants 

J. Teal and grey checkered harems

K. Mint pineapple leggings

L. Brown and black polka dot leggings

M. Outer space leggings 

N. Black and white striped shorties

O. Grey shorties